Adult Grad Bundle - $1875

We offer five courses in a bundle for an Adult Grad, including your choice of either Communications 12 or English 12; your choice of either Social Studies 11, Civic Studies 11, or BC First Nations Studies 12; your choice of either Math 11 Workplace, Foundations, or PreCalculus, and your choice of two electives from a list which includes BC First Nations Studies 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, Data Management 12, Economics 12, Family Studies 10-12, Geography 12, Law 12, Math 12 Essentials or Visual Arts (Photography) 12 at a savings over the regular price for five courses of $2250.

Each of the courses listed below has an Adobe PDF sample of the Course Outline, Progress Chart, and Worksheet (if applicable), available for you to view. If your computer can't display PDF files, Adobe has a free download of Acrobat Reader available.

You can also look at this list of recommended text books, which shows the ISBN numbers, supplier's names and phone numbers, and approximate textbook cost.